Release Notes for CakePHP 2.6.13.

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URL rewriting is not properly configured on your server. 1) Help me configure it 2) I don't / can't use URL rewriting

Your version of PHP is 5.2.8 or higher.

Your tmp directory is writable.

The FileEngine is being used for core caching. To change the config edit APP/Config/core.php

Your database configuration file is present.

CakePHP is able to connect to the database.

DebugKit plugin is present

Editing this Page

To change the content of this page, edit: APP/View/Pages/home.ctp.
To change its layout, edit: APP/View/Layouts/default.ctp.
You can also add some CSS styles for your pages at: APP/webroot/css.

Getting Started

New CakePHP 2.0 Docs

The 15 min Blog Tutorial

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More about CakePHP

CakePHP is a rapid development framework for PHP which uses commonly known design patterns like Active Record, Association Data Mapping, Front Controller and MVC.

Our primary goal is to provide a structured framework that enables PHP users at all levels to rapidly develop robust web applications, without any loss to flexibility.

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